Datactics in Regulatory Data Management Handbook

We’ve chosen this year to sponsor the sixth edition of the ever-popular Regulatory Data Management Handbook from the A-Team group

A link to download the handbook can be found here; you can find us on the BCBS 239 and KYC pages.

After much focus on the topic throughout the event calendar of the past year, 2018-19 looks to be the year when financial services firms start to emerge from the post-crash flurry of people-powered regulatory compliance and seek to look for competitive edges over their peers through increased automation and enhanced processes. Banks who employed thousands of compliance personnel throughout the post-crash period are now making efficiencies to power their growth, both in terms of deploying AI in place of humans and training these algorithms to discover and deliver hidden riches from within their vast reserves of data.

Regulators have hardly eased back, however. The Handbook features over 100 pages of insight into data-driven regulatory and compliance requirements, and it’s where we believe our offerings – designed for business teams, rapidly deployed, non-disruptive technology – have much to offer in financial services in particular. Our core strengths of data agnosticism, semantic analysis, natural language processing and a high degree of financial markets knowledge have seen our specialist data engineers in high demand throughout the past year, which was underlined by the decision from Kernel Capital to invest in the company.

Throughout the year we’ve been talking with a wide range of firms on how they can build what we do into their day-to-day processes. Some have been widely-publicised new-deals, others have been completed quietly in the background, but for us at least we see no let-up from financial firms seeking to comply and compete in equal measure.

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