Self-service data quality and match engine in RegTech Directory Top 50

RegTech Directory Top 50 Datactics

After an exhaustive process, the team over at RT Markets have released their RegTech Directory, just in time for Christmas! It’s brilliant to be able to report that our RegTech solutions, Self-Service Data Quality and Match Engine, feature among the Top 50 in the RegTech Directory, with over 460 other products in this exciting tech sector bible.

Commenting on this news, CEO Stuart Harvey said, “It’s a great reward for a lot of hard work that the team have put in over the past year. We’ve grown and developed our specialist regtech capabilities in some cutting-edge projects in partnership with our clients, helping them to comply more readily with challenging financial regulations and increase automation in previously manual tasks. We’re delighted that RT Markets have chosen to represent us in their Top 50 in what was a really well-thought-out and thorough process that also helped us refine our messaging to the marketplace.”

If you want to see what the fuss is about, drop us a line and we’ll be delighted to set up a demo for you.

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London, Belfast, New York: 5th December 2017