Information Difference: The Data Quality Landscape – Q1 2017

Information Difference Data Quality LandscapeThe data quality landscape is not a new subject: we are all familiar with examples of letters and forms being sent to out-dated addresses, possibly multiple times. Some data quality issues cause more serious consequences than mis-routed mail or delays in processing utility or bank forms.

The Mars Climate Orbiter spacecraft was lost due to a mismatch of imperial and metric units for rocket thrust, causing the craft to crash. In between these extremes there can be embarrassing and costly data quality problems. One well-known phone company ordered a huge consignment of display boxes for a new brand of phone, and only when lorries started to roll into warehouses was it discovered that the dimensions of the boxes had been specified in cm rather than mm, resulting in boxes being manufactured that were exactly ten times too large in each dimension.

There are many aspects of data quality. Accuracy of data is one thing, but so is completeness (is all the data that you need present?), currency (is it sufficiently up to date?) and relevance.

As long as human beings are involved in capturing data, there will be issues with data quality…

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