DQM v2016.11.29 announced by Datactics

Datactics is Announcing DQM v2016 11.29 featuring a significant performance enhancement:

  • Parallel Item Execution.

Building on new the “directed acyclic graph¹” functionality, DQM v2016 will now automatically analyse dependencies of related item nodes and give users the option of executing, in parallel, any nodes that can be executed independently of other nodes. This parallel item execution can dramatically speed up the performance of many operations in DQM for example building an alphanumeric index could be done in 26 + 10 parallel operations.

Announcing DQM v2016

(1) A Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) is commonly used in mathematics and computer science to describe a directed graph with no path, composed of various vertices and edges. In another way, the DAG is a directed graph with a topological ordering – a sequence of vertices in such a way that each edge is conducted from earlier to later in the sequence.


The Benefits

 Ease of Deployment

  • We have a track record of rapid deployment, integrating our clients’ systems with our data quality and automation software in a matter of weeks
  • Our solution is genuinely portable: implement data quality management in one area of the enterprise and then easily extend to others

 Future Proof

  • Investment in flexible data quality technology that can accommodate future changes
  • Data analysts can very easily add new rules or build new projects for any kind of data, without having to maintain code

 Holistic Data Quality

  • Our approach puts you in charge of your data for all business purposes: from regulatory compliance, to business reporting, to perfecting data to be used by business intelligence and analytics. Our solution satisfies the data quality requirements of multiple regulations, directives and asset classes.

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